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Electrical energy for ground support equipment

Bring passengers and luggage to the aircraft, push the aircraft into the right parking position, ensure the supply of food and fuel: numerous vehicles are used on an airport's apron – usually operated by diesel engines. This leads to high fuel consumption and increases particulate matter pollution at airports. Intelligent, innovative lithium-ion battery systems can help make the use of ground support equipment more economical and more environmentally friendly.

Strict requirements for ground support equipment

Everything needs to go according to plan in order for the "logistics monster" airport to run smoothly. This is why reliability in quality and performance is crucial for ground support equipment. They have to be at the exact spot to ensure a smooth operation. Therefore, the technology of battery-powered ground support equipment must meet the highest requirements. Voltabox relies on proven lithium-ion technology and a flexible modular principle to develop and produce its battery systems. This allows customized solutions and an effective use of systems and resources.

Voltabox thus provides the technology to implement the goals of the International Air Transport Association to reduce CO2 emissions at airports and to overall improve environmental protection. This begins on the ground. Ground transport services at airports handle enormous mileage each year, with thousands of vehicles. Switching to hybrid or electric drives can be a significant contribution in achieving these goals.

Goals of the International Air Transport Association

Already in 2009 the International Air Transport Association (IATA) committed to clear goals for the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Fuel efficiency:

By 2020, fuel efficiency is to be improved by 1.5 percent annually (Year of reference: 2009).

Neutral growth:

CO2-neutral growth at airports is to be possible from 2020 on.

Emission reduction:

The net CO2 emissions are to be cut in half by 2050 (Year of reference: 2009).

Efficient use of ground support equipment

Electrically operated ground support equipment can be optimally integrated into the work flow thanks to durable and reliable high-performance battery systems with short charge times.

Voltabox products offer a decisive contribution for the sustainable reduction of energy consumption and help the customer use his resources sensibly.

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