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The best solution for every application

Voltabox configures the battery systems with optimal cell chemistry for each individual application. Essential battery system properties are defined by specifying a specific cell chemistry, e.g. cycle stability, special safety features, or energy density.

Voltabox offers comprehensive solutions based on the three established cell chemistries LFP, NMC, and LTO, each with their own unique properties. That way, Voltabox covers a wide range of requirements. All utilized cell chemistries are characterized by a low self-discharge rate and high efficiency.

Cell chemistries at a glance

Lithium-Eisenphosphat (LFP)

  • Nominal cell voltage: 3.2 V to 3.3 V
  • No risk of thermal runaway (in case of an accident)
  • High cycle stability of up to 4,000 cycles at 80% DoD (Depth of Discharge)
  • Large operating temperature range -20/+ 55 °c
  • High energy density (125 Wh/kg and 292 Wh/l)
  • Only a small proportion of rare earths

Voltabox uses high-energy or high-power cells depending on the application. 

Nickel manganese cobalt (NMC)

  • Nominal cell voltage: 3.6 V to 3.7 V
  • High cycle stability of at least 6,000 cycles at 80% DoD (Depth of Discharge)
  • Great operating temperature range of -30/+ 60 °C
  • High energy density (136 - 230 Wh/kg and at least 309 Wh/l)

Voltabox uses NMC cell chemistry in prismatic and pouch cells as high-energy (HE) and high-power (HP) versions.

Lithium titanate (LTO)

  • Nominal cell voltage: 2.3 V
  • Highest cycle stability of up to 30,000 cycles at 80% DoD (Depth of Discharge)
  • High level of safety thanks to LTO anode
  • Great operating temperature range of -30/+ 55 °C
  • Energy density of 96 Wh/kg or 202 Wh/l
  • Great SoC range useable with the highest performances

LTO cell chemistry uses prismatic cells with capacities of 20 Ah or 23 Ah.

Do you have questions about different cell chemistries, their properties and possible applications within high-performance battery systems? Voltabox will be happy to offer a consultation!

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