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Core elements of the Voltabox modular battery system

The core competence of Voltabox are customized solutions in the field of high-performance battery systems based on Voltabox's own battery modules. Voltabox uses the optimal battery module type depending on the application and configures a tailor-made system for the customer, which also meets the respective requirements in terms of cell chemistry and cell type.

Strict requirements


Voltabox battery modules are reliable and safe – thanks also to the innovative battery management system (BMS) that enables direct communication with the vehicle and optimally controls the most important parameters such as voltage and temperature.


The battery modules are produced on automated production lines with fully integrated test technology, pursuant to the high quality standards of the automotive industry. Their production is 100% traceable.

Voltabox modules: building blocks for battery systems!

NMC 24 V standard
NMC 48 V standard
NMC 36 V standard
LTO 48 V Standard
NMC 48 V Pouch module
NMC 24 V air-cooled
NMC 48 V air-cooled
NMC 40 V standard
LTO 83 V standard
Battery module 2x8
NMC 24 V water-cooled
NMC 48 V water-cooled
NMC 96 V
LFP 24 V Standard
Battery module 4x9

The battery modules are based on a module system that can be individually configured to meet every customer requirement. Please contact us to learn more about the exact technical specifications or to get a personal consultation.

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