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Improve Energy Savings & Reduce Environmental Impact

Vehicles with internal combustion engines are a major source of pollution for urban areas. This applies to privately used passenger cars as well as to publicly operated vehicles. Particulate matter levels and energy costs have long been key to many political platforms. Today, large cities face high penalties if they do not comply with the limits for particulate matter according to the EU air pollution directive.

However, large commercial vehicles, such as construction vehicles, are crucial for maintaining the public sphere and creating public spaces. Thanks to advances in technology, it is no longer necessary to use vehicles with combustion engines to do so. The solution is electric construction vehicles.

Intelligent Solutions for the Future

Voltabox develops and manufactures safe, economical and sustainable battery systems for various applications. The systems are based on lithium-ion technology, which is used to configure batteries with high cycle durability and high performance. Voltabox thereby makes a major contribution to improving energy savings and reducing particulate pollution in urban areas.

Would you like to learn more about the technologies and high-performance battery systems? Simply contact Voltabox directly. Our staff are happy to answer your questions!

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