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Sustainably Mobile and Efficient

Electrically operated industrial vehicles, such as forklifts and automated guided vehicles, offer industrial and logistics companies the opportunity to achieve greater sustainability, efficiency and environmental protection.

High-Performance Batteries with Diverse Benefits

The use of Voltabox battery systems in electric forklifts and other electric industrial vehicles sustainably reduces exhaust emissions and noise pollution in production or storage areas. At the same time, electric forklift trucks and industrial vehicles can be quickly recharged and have a longer service life compared to alternative battery systems. Charging can be done freely and flexibly at any conventional power outlet. This means it’s not necessary to have a properly installed charging infrastructure. Charging processes that have been intelligently interwoven into the production chain increase operational efficiency.

Voltabox offers solutions for various types of forklifts and tow tractors, which have already proven themselves a thousand times in long-term real-world applications. The high-performance battery systems require no maintenance, are extremely cycle-resistant and can be used at any time and in all weather conditions.

Built for Modern Logistics and Production Processes

Opportunity Charging

Smooth operations are ensured through short charging times and their intelligent integration into operational processes (for example, during shift changes)


The use of electrically operated machinery and equipment reduces exhaust emissions and noise pollution for employees and the environment.

Voltabox – a Reliable Partnership!

Greater efficiency, profitability and sustainability can be achieved not only with electric forklifts and other manually operated logistics vehicles but also with automated guided vehicles (AGV) equipped with Voltabox high-performance batteries. The advantages of these vehicles are particularly important in the context of Industry 4.0 applications.

Large quantities of forklifts and logistics vehicles equipped with Voltabox battery systems are already being used across a wide variety of companies.

Customer-Specific Solutions According to Application

Voltabox develops and manufactures economical and sustainable lithium-ion battery systems. The modularity of the systems and the automated production ensure that the systems of Voltabox are safely and accurately adapted to the respective application. Important factors, such as the appropriate cell chemistry and required energy content, are designed according to the customer’s requirements.

Would you like to know more about how you can operate forklifts, tug tractors and other intralogistics machines with high-performance battery systems? Simply fill out our contact form – the Voltabox team would be happy to advise you personally!

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