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Li-Ion Technologies by Voltabox

Lithium-ion technology is not only an important part of modern electric mobility but can also be used in vehicles with conventional combustion engines – in the form of a starter battery. The lithium-ion starter battery provides energy to start the combustion engine and replaces the lead-acid batteries used until now.

Lithium-ion starter batteries are already used successfully in motorcycles and motor sports under the brand name Voltaforce.

Weight saving 

Depending on the design, the length and width of lithium-ion starter batteries is similar to conventional car batteries, but they are flatter. This means that you may not only need less space, but they are also designed to be much lighter.

Performance efficiency 

The cycle stability of lithium-ion starter batteries is higher compared to a lead acid or gel battery. This results in a longer service life and a higher performance.

Passion for innovation 

Equipping sports and racing cars as well as motorcycles with lithium-ion starter batteries is only a first step. Voltabox is continuously improving its own products to make sustainable mobility safer and more economical.

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