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Maximum benefit

High-performance battery systems by Voltabox offer maximum performance combined with a long service life. A key factor for this is the Voltabox battery management systems for independent monitoring of voltage values, temperatures, and charging conditions as well as for the independent regulation of balancing, the operating temperature range, and the possible power output in direct communication with the higher-level battery and vehicle control.

The Voltabox BMS


Depending on the application, Voltabox uses an active or passive principle for balancing depending on the desired efficiency level.

Service life

The fully integrated thermal management, which is controlled by the Voltabox BMS, ensures the maximum possible calendar or cyclic life span of the battery


Modularity of the control and regulation hierarchy (master/slave concept at system level) enables multiple combination options.


The Voltabox BMS is 100% automotive compliant (hardware and software) and produced in its own, state-of-the-art factory pursuant to automotive standards.

Exploit optimization potential

Voltabox batteries are high-performance systems because of these BMS. Self-learning control algorithms guarantee automatic system optimization during ongoing operation for charging characteristics, load characteristics, or discharge depths.

The battery’s management system is equipped with a communication interface for direct communication with the vehicle's on-board networks. The information is transmitted e.g. via CAN, LIN, or Ethernet. There is also the possibility of telemetric remote monitoring or online system diagnosis for optimal monitoring of the vehicle fleet.

BMS generations

  • Generation 4.0

    Generation 4.0 (optional)

    • Predictive prognostic capability
    • Proactive provision of dynamic current limits based on current status information (cell temperatures and voltages, SoC) 
    • Global adjustment to the characterized voltage curves while charging/discharging, taking into account the respective charge status
    • Impedance spectroscopy
      • Precise recognition of state of charge (SOC)
      • Precise state of health (SOH) assessment
      • Accurate function analysis (state of function – SOF)
      • Sensor-free temperature determination inside the cell
      • Innovative service life forecast
  • Generation 3.0

    Generation 3.0 (Voltabox standard)

    • More efficient form of active cell balancing
    • Self-learning, optimizes itself to the respective individual case
    • Bidirectional interface  
    • Display of current battery status
  • Generation 2.0

    Generation 2.0 (standard market)

    • Active cell balancing (efficiency increase through energy redistribution)
    • Existing interface is usually only unidirectional


  • Generation 1.0

    Generation 1.0 (standard market)

    • Passive cell balancing (surplus energy is converted into heat)
    • Interface to vehicle architecture does not yet exist

In keeping with the pursued leading position as pioneers, Voltabox is continuously working to improve its battery management system.

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