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The best solution for every application

Voltabox offers individual customer solutions with the highest quality standards and an optimal ratio of performance and cost. Our technologically mature battery systems are designed specifically for each application. Voltabox batteries are known in the market for their resilience and performance.
We place great emphasis on Voltabox battery systems being scalable. This enables us to reliably meet exceptional battery system requirements.
The modules we use cover a wide range in terms of voltage, capacity and energy density. An integrated, high-performance battery management system (BMS) monitors the activity of the module and provides the important balancing of the cells.

"Our goal as a company is to play a relevant role within the battery industry as a driver of forward-looking technologies and innovative products."

The module and system world of Voltabox

Reliable technologies for demanding applications

Voltabox modules are used in a wide variety of industrial applications and thus ensure a reliable supply of energy.
With our products, we enable the efficient and sustainable operation of vehicles in the agricultural and construction sectors as well as in local public transport, especially hybrid or trolley buses and electric buses.

We use the established cell chemistries LFP (lithium iron phosphate), NMC (lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxides) and LTO (lithium titanium oxides). Each cell has different properties that are suitable for specific application profiles. A common feature of the cell chemistries used is their robust cycling stability as well as extremely high efficiency.

LTO standard container

Our standard container has been developed for challenging application profiles, e.g. of buses or other commercial vehicles. Based on the high-performance and particularly safe cell chemistry LTO (lithium titanate oxide), the modular battery system offers strong performance parameters and a special longevity. These features are ensured by a dedicated thermal management system for cooling and controlling heat generation. The system is approved according to UN ECE R100.02 and UN ECE R10.06.

NMC modular container

The Voltabox modular container is ideally suited for challenging tasks in the construction and agricultural sectors, i.e. the so-called heavy-duty applications, as well as for bus applications. Accordingly, the battery system offers a particularly high energy content. The basis for this are freely scalable modules consisting of powerful and efficient NMC (nickel-manganese-cobalt-oxide) cells. Cooling of the battery is ensured by a special thermal management system. Homologation has been carried out according to UN ECE R100.02 and UN ECE R10.06.

Modules for individual customer solutions

In addition to complete systems, we also offer modules that can be flexibly deployed, providing our customers with an excellent basis for specific solutions. In addition to a high-voltage LTO module, which is particularly suitable for challenging industrial applications, Voltabox customers also have access to an e-mobility module. With this we have an attractive solution for such applications for which a high range is required. Our modules have a certification acc. UN38.3.

TB 228 modules

Voltabox cooperates with efficient battery producers and teams of experts in the field of lithium-ion technology. This gives us access to additional modules and allows us to meet special requirements for a battery system. The TB 228 product series comprises various modules based on the particularly powerful LFP (lithium ferrophosphate) cell chemistry. High-quality cells for industrial application profiles are used. Certifications are available according to CE and UN38.3.

The Voltabox consulting approach

Partnership at eye level

Voltabox has always excelled in a hands-on mentality. We stand by our customers in every situation. Thanks to experienced and highly trained employees in project management and key accounting, we can offer you comprehensive support for your challenge.

Range, service life, energy content? We define which lithium battery is best suited for your application in an individual consultation. Voltabox accompanies each project with the highest level of professionalism, service orientation and passion. Write us or call us. We would like to get to know you and your challenge. Together we will find a solution. We look forward to assisting you with your project.

Your advantages at a glance:

Lightweight construction

The modern lithium-ion batteries are characterized by their low weight compared to conventional technologies. This opens up new possibilities in the design of battery systems for a wide range of applications.


The high-performance lithium-ion-based batteries have a high energy density. Vehicles and machines equipped with it have a large range.


Our lithium-ion batteries impress with outstanding cycle stability, consequently allow many charging processes and are therefore ideally suited for continuous use in challenging applications - including construction, agriculture, municipal operations or production.

Energy content

We determine the energy content of the respective lithium battery based on the planned application profiles. Since there is no memory effect in the systems, there is no voltage drop. Our modern lithium-ion batteries can be charged at any time - without consequences for the energy capacity.

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