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Industrial energy storage are electrical energy storage systems used in commercial buildings, factories, businesses and other commercial applications. These energy storage systems can store excess energy generated during peak production from renewable sources such as solar or wind power. The stored energy can be used later when demand is higher or serve as a backup energy source when the power grid fails.

Industrial energy storage can take various forms, such as battery energy storage, hydrogen storage, or compressed air energy storage. Battery energy storage is currently the most widely used energy storage device in commercial applications due to its flexibility, scalability, and high energy density. They can also be used in combination with renewable energy sources to increase the share of renewables in the energy supply and reduce CO2 emissions.

Industrial energy storage is an important technology for improving the energy efficiency and sustainability of commercial buildings and businesses. They offer support to the reduction of energy costs, increase grid stability and increase the share of renewables in the energy supply.

Industrial energy storage offer several benefits, including:

  1. Energy cost savings: By using stationary storage, companies can store excess energy and use it at a later time when energy prices are higher. As a result the company is able to reduce its energy costs.
  2. Independence from electricity suppliers: Stationary storage enables companies to become less dependent on electricity suppliers. This can be particularly advantageous in areas with unstable power supply.
  3. Contributing to grid stability: By using stationary battery storage, companies can help increase grid stability by storing excess energy and feeding it back into the grid when needed.
  4. Increasing self-supply: Stationary storage can help companies increase their self-supply of renewable energy, as it can store excess energy generated by solar or wind power stations.
  5. Reduction of CO2 emissions: By using stationary storage, companies can reduce their CO2 emissions as they can store surplus renewable energy and use it when needed instead of relying on fossil fuels.

These benefits can help companies reduce their energy costs, improve their energy efficiency and contribute to environmental protection.

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VoltaStore indoor storage

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Our indoor storage – configurable in 42 kWh steps.

To optimize self-consumption and load management in an energy system, an AC coupled buffer battery is an ideal solution. This battery works to cap peak loads by storing excess energy and making it available when needed.

One of the main advantages of this battery is that it does not feed into the utility grid. This means that the user can maintain energy autonomy without depending on their utility. Instead, it can produce and store its own energy to use when needed.

With this technology, users can reduce their energy costs by reducing power consumption during peak periods. It can also optimize its own energy consumption by using the battery as a buffer to store excess energy and call it up when needed.

Overall, the AC-coupled buffer battery is a smart solution for increasing energy efficiency and reducing dependence on utilities. It is an important component of a modern and sustainable energy system.

Discover your suitable storage unit:

40 kVa

42 kWh: VoltaStore B40/42/1
84 kWh: VoltaStore B40/84/2
126 kWh: VoltaStore B40/126/3

60 kVa

84 kWh: VoltaStore B60/84/2
126 kWh: VoltaStore B60/126/3

80 kVa

126 kWh: VoltaStore B80/126/3
168 kWh: VoltaStore B80/168/4

100 kVa

168 kWh: VoltaStore B100/168/4

120 kVa

168 kWh: VoltaStore B120/168/4


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